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RaghuDixit at his best made my day!

My pal Sharath told me about this live concert of RDP ( Raghu Dixit project) at Jain college as part of the 10th annual VTU fest a month a ago. Me being a avid music lover and a fan of Raghu gave him a nod to attend the concert right away.

It was on 20th feb, and the day did come. As it was the release day of Delhi6, with our recently developed better-be-short hobby of watching first day, first show of some movies ( had watched two of them fdfs now – Luck By Chance, DevD ) we decided to watch Delhi6 the same way and we did..!  Thanks(!) to Sharath for presenting this brilliant idea to watch it at sastha dhaam (low-price) at Rajarajeshwari theatre. The theatre was at its worse at sound and picture quality that day. For me the show was pretty boring with no audible dialogues, I was totally pissed off at this theatre, more because I was totally excited to watch this movie. May be the movie was nice, but this cramped theatre made it feel like nothing more than devastating!

Due to this experience I was not in mood to attend the concert that evening. But then I came to know that the venue was SBMJCE which is about 35 kms off the city on Kanakpura road at 8 pm!! As I like night riding, I was waiting for a chance like this for some time now and that too for Raghu’s concert.! And yet again we decided right away not to ruin this golden chance. We started at about 6.45 pm and reached the venue at about 8.05 pm. It was quite an uncomfortable ride just coz I had to ride without using the tinted visor of my helmet with traffic right in front of me. I made my mind to get a transparent visor soon.



So there we were! The show had already begun. We could hear the deep bass reflexes for which my heart had started to pump in its rhythm (Lol). After making short security entries at the main gate we rushed to the main stage which was at about 0.5 kms from the gate. This stage was almost in the mid first half of the campus. Imagine the actual size of the campus yourself! We then entered the stage area and made ourselves as close to the stage as possible. This stage-set along with the rocking sound system outperformed the BMS Utsav one’s, which was my best so far. The 1000 odd crowd were cheering, dancing ( some even going crazy) to raghu’s Hey Bhagwan tune. Most of them including us had to stand on stacked up chairs to get the glimpse of raghu’s band on stage in person which pretty much says how crowded it was there. Well, there were some 3 screens set to help others too. Just then Raghu started  Mysore Se Ayi Woh song – one of his bests ever. I started dancing on the chairs, glad the chairs bear my thumps! My neck is still aching which says the degree of banging it went over then at the show. He also made funny slang comments between the songs. I don’t actually remember all of them, one of it goes something like this – ” waste nan maklu neevella kuthkondiravru, hindhe iro crowd nodi kaliree hege kunibeku antha, yeddhelree.. “ (those who are sitting are waste ! learn from the crowd behind on how to dance and cheer) pointing to the first few rows(VIP’s ?) who were sitting. The band also performed songs like – Gudugudiya Sedi Noda, Khidki, Mumbai-Waiting for a Miracle, Har Saans Main, Ninna Poojege bandhe Mahadeshwara, Ee Thanavu Ninnadhe. I think I have listed all of them. We couldn’t help climbing down the stacked chairs and dance to his tunes much more, like many others out there. Many of my steps came out after a real long time!

Before his last song Raghu stated all the audience NOT to encourage piracy. He made it clear to all that it took him 12 years to reach this stage and to convince someone to fund for the release of his debut album and that it takes just some minutes for one to download it for free from internet. He asked us to buy those downloaded-for-free songs (not just his) if one really likes it and not to buy it otherwise. He looked pretty serious when he stated this and I felt what he said was very right. Nothing comes for free right? There is a lot of money, struggle and effort put behind a good album release. We can’t just enjoy them for free ! And that is why we have to buy them to pay back for their talent and effort towards it. Sharath has already bought Raghu’s album and he follows this rule. I shall buy his album at the earliest and I also suggest you to do so.

I almost forgot the others on his band. It is not just Raghu who is making all this happen. There’s lot more behind this apart from his unique,rusty voice and that is his band members. I like to compliment all his band members – Vijay, Gaurav Vaz and especially to Jithin Das on violin and Siva on drums/percussions. ” Guys you were just awesome, hats off to you ” .

That was the one rocking show which came to an end. Sharath had bought the album CD’s to get it autographed by Raghu which was impossible because of the crowd. I pity on you, Sharath. It was almost 10.15 pm and we wanted something to counter our hunger. We stopped at the canteen beside the main entrance for the same. I must say that I fell in love with the canteen right away. Man! was that a canteen? If so, then what is the one which we have at our college? damn! It had two LCD TV’s which was showing 9X Music accompanied by BOSE speakers, air conditioned and what not! After all this, food came at a reasonable cost. Dude! Why am I not studying in this college?  The campus by the way is huge too, with exclusive grounds for each sport. It has a Golf court too! Enough said. I can’t appreciate some college which I’m not a part of  anymore. I’ll stop here.

We started our return at 10.45 pm to reach the city at almost 12 am. The return journey was pretty smooth with no much traffic and I enjoyed the ride while sharath was cursing his boredom.

Anyways Raghu Dixit Project concert made that day of mine,  over that crappy theatre experience !

PS : Swalpa kuidhiddhini ansatthe… dhayavittu adjust madkolli..!


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