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Lazy Sunday morning ? No, not for me

Brief intro to the cyclist in meI loved cycling in my school days, its been 7 years since then, all through this period I missed cycling a lot. It was more evident by how unfit I was compared to my good ol’ school days. So, being a health conscious me and to the painful fact that putting on weight for me, if I do not workout regularly no matter what diet I follow, is the next easiest thing to adding 1+1, damn, and to my undying love towards cycling, I wanted to get back to cycling to keep myself fit and get back in shape. Hence, buying a uber cool cycle was in my wish-list since I finished my engineering. And that’s why ended up buying Merida Matts 20 MD bicycle for whopping 21,500 INR about three months back. But, it is total VFM.. how ? in later posts may be. That is how I am, if I need to buy something I do intense research and try to buy a quality product, even if it makes me to wait long so that I can save some penny to shell out. Since then, I have been cycling quite a lot, small 10-20 km rides preparing for Bengaluru Cyclothon to start with, and then the Cyclothon, and many 100+ km rides almost every weekend along with the fellow cyclists from Bangalore Bikers Club (read BBC, we call it so). I have grown to a cycling maniac now, long rides have almost become my pakka weekend plan, if there is nothing more critical work lined up.

Ok ! So, as per my pakka weekend ride plans I was supposed to ride to a water stream near Anchetti, 170 km round trip, yesterday with BBC riders. It would have been my second time to that place had I done it yesterday, but as some other work showed up, I couldn’t do that ride. Having missed that ride I wanted to counter it with a small ride within the city today. I thought of joining the weekly Sunday morning Go-Green rides. Today. strangely, I woke up late for the first time to miss that ride. I have managed to wake up without alarms with even just 3 hr sleep many times before to join rides. Without regretting much knowing that solo rides are quite a fun too I started off at 8AM taking turns randomly.  All I wanted was to cover atleast 40 km. Surprisingly, on this ride I could manage to get in to Cubbon Park, I had thought cycling isn’t allowed in there. I just wanted to give it a try since I was desperate to ride off-road, and thankfully nobody stopped me when I cycled past through the gate. May be I was wrong, may be cycling is indeed allowed in there as I saw a couple of other boys cycling around. I had total fun riding on the mud with random inclines and declines, under huge Bamboo trees, jumping over small ramps here and there and trying the same with better speeds… With all these fun, I also managed to injure my foot hitting it to rock unknowingly of course. It is just a small inner injury without any bruises, thankfully the shoe avoided more serious injury. I reached back home by 11AM having clocked about 40km.

Damn, I ended up writing a lot wanting just this ride summary to convey on this post. Anyways, more about the cycling maniac in me and some good rides which I wanna share in the later posts.

Cheers! 🙂

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