Couldn’t help but help ?!

Tuesday, 21/04/09

It was just another day at college, bunked all the classes of the day. Had been there just to fill the examination & convocation fee. After having done with the work, I started back to my room at Girinagar on my bike. Just when I crossed the ring road in front of the college main gate, I saw an old guy waving his hand pleading for a lift from me. I usually don’t entertain people  asking for lifts. So, as all the times I overlooked his pleading and continued throttling my way. Err.. ! But, all of a sudden my bike stopped. Yes, I had applied the brakes. The guy looked very old and weak under the glaring sun. I thought that I wouldn’t lose anything by dropping him to some place on my way (except that I will have to drop him before ripping my bike again ;)) . He said that he wanted to go to Padmanabhanagar to get some work done and that he had lost his daily bus pass, the only thing which could have taken him there – which I came to know later( he had not a penny with him). Since I was not heading to that place, I agreed to drop him to some nearby bus stop where he can get a bus to his destination.

Now at the bus stop when I stopped for him to get down, bingo, he asked me if I have 10 Rs to spare him so that he can get to his destintion. I looked his face for a second. I did not wanted to lie him that I had no money, no particular reason for this. Yet, I did not wanted to give him that money, not so easily. I mean, I just gave him a 3 minute ride and he is asking me for money ! ( No offense, but don’t we think twice before sparing a rupee or two to a beggar ? ) He was standing right beside staring at me hoping that I would help him. I just couldn’t make an escape from there nor could I lie him that I don’t have money. My mind went through absolute null thoughts for the next ten seconds.

Then, I just reached my wallet to take out a 10 rupee note and gave him that. He thanked me and made his way to the shelter. And I throttled to rip my bike back to my room.

End Note : Nothing ! ….


1 Response to “Couldn’t help but help ?!”

  1. 1 Sharath P S
    April 25, 2009 at 2:44 PM


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