I love shooting Macro’s. Well, who doesn’t ? ;)

There are a bunch of photography enthusiasts out there who love shooting macro’s (close -up’s) and I’m one among them !

One of the pleasures of owning a compact point and shoot digital camera(DC) is this feature to shoot lovely macro images without having to purchase any other accessories (all those expensive macro lenses, etc.) . Well, even if you can buy one, your compact DC won’t support it. Better cameras capture much better snaps ( like DSLR’s) but for now we’ll stick to our compact digital cameras.

If you haven’t tried taking macro shots so far, and if you are wondering how to kill those free times on those holidays, when you are alone at home (which is quite rare!), to get over boredom, then try taking macro’s on your DC. I bet you will  love it ! ( well, I’m loving it)

Any of these can be your subject – insects, flowers, gadgets(yeah!), labels or any other stuff which has minute details and/or delicate structure ( with plain background preferred).

Simple guide to capture macro’s :

  • Choose an appropriate subject.
  • Turn ON the macro mode of your DC.
  • Use the auto mode  of the camera if you are a beginner. Or, if you you don’t bother scratching your head by playing around with manual settings ( like shutter speed, ISO, etc.) GO AHEAD. But it might take some time for you to get hold of it.
  • I prefer shooting macro shots without flash. I feel flash light disguises significant details which are essential for a perfect macro snap. So, try with flash ON/OFF and see the difference yourself.
  • Get as close as you can to the subject. If the subject is an insect, it might be quite dreadful for those insectophobians to get really close. But, if you don’t, it is at a cost – snap without ulti-delicate details of the insect.
  • Press the shutter button down halfway, ensure proper focus of the subject and its details ( repeat till you get better focus, try different angles and choose the best – very important ) and capture the photo by pressing the shutter down all the way.
  • Thats it!   I’m sure you will be awestruck by reviewing the macro you just shot all by yourself.

Remember to remain as steady as possible during the capture. At these extremely close distances and with larger apertures you will have a very short depth-of-field (DOP). Any small movement of the camera and/or the subject is amplified resulting in a blurry image. This can be avoided by using a tripod for the camera or simply by placing the camera on some  solid structure. As for the latter (the subject) you might have to pray the subject (or the wind, at outdoor’s) to cooperate with you. 🙂

Here are some macro’s I’ve taken… (last three from my friend  Sharath). Click on the image to see it enlarged.


2 Responses to “I love shooting Macro’s. Well, who doesn’t ? ;)”

  1. 1 wolfdreamernz
    December 27, 2008 at 5:14 PM

    I like alot of the above images but I really like picture 055, with the little insect on the big broad wet leaf – great work!

    Lisa Wood

  2. December 30, 2008 at 9:42 PM

    Really awesome work man.. I liked all your macros.. Its a great skill indeed..

    Keep it up..

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